Luminys Distributor Spotlight: Salon Films

Salon Films: The Premier Film & Entertainment Solutions Provider for the Asian Continent

Salon Films is not only a prominent equipment distributor but it is also a pioneer in the motion picture production industry, by supporting innovation and subsequently revolutionizing the movie and television production. ‘To Strive for Excellence’ is the company’s motto, and this is a recipe for success to which we here at Luminys can deeply relate.

When you work for the motion picture and television production industries, one of the most important priorities is to keep up with the latest technological innovations, in order to improve the quality of your entertainment projects. This is a priority for filmmakers, producers alike and also for production equipment and solution providers.

As leading creators and providers of top quality lighting systems and equipment solutions, Luminys Systems Corp. takes pride in associating with the best distributors and production solution providers throughout the world. For the Asian region, Salon Films is an important partner. This company has become one of the biggest and most recognizable names on the continent in almost 45 years of providing professional services to the entertainment world. Salon Films operates through various locations throughout Asia, from Maçau and Kuala Lumpur to Shanghai and Beijing, and the solutions they provide have catered the needs of movie creators, from content development and technical equipment to production, post-production and distribution.

Back in 1959, Salon Film was the equipment provider for the international hit “The World of Suzie Wong.” This was the first success in a long line of worldwide hits that were shot on the Asian continent and benefited from Salon Films provided technical support. From the magnificent “Platoon” by Oliver Stone to the sweeping and elegant “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon” that has made Ang Lee one of today’s most highly praised directors, these world-famous productions relied on Salon Films to provide equipment, including the revolutionary and unique Luminys lighting systems.

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