.     CMOS Advantage
.     Color Rendering
.     DC Advantage

.     Two Faces of Light
.     dedolight® Technology
.          The Optical System
.          Low Voltage Lamps
.          The Lenses
.          The Mechanics
.          UV Radiation
.          The Imager Projection Attachment
.     LED Breakthrough
.     Introducing of focusing dedolight LED Fixtures

Two Faces of Light

Many lighting situations demand both direct light as well as gentle wrap around soft light. As manufacturers of various types of lighting equipment, we also build dual purpose light sources which may be converted from direct light to a soft light source… the dedoPAR.To eliminate having to compromise the quality of light, often common with dual purpose lighting instruments, Dedotec raised the bar and began to design and manu-facture totally dedicated lighting instruments:
  • Precise focusing instruments with a distinctly defined beam character yet very smooth and even light distribution within the beam
  • Dedicated single purpose soft light sources, that are best suited for the task without compromise
  • Now offering the image creator both faces of light