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Feature Films and TV Drama

General lighting in feature films has been a fantastic success for dedolight. Although a number of feature films were lit exclusively with dedolight, they are generally used to augment other conventional and fluorescent light sources.

Jürgen Jürges, DoP
– We children from Bahnhof Zoo
– Funny Games
– About the looking and finding of love

„For me, the system offers a wonderful opportunity to light distant, hard to reach parts of the set with great precision and without flattening the rest (remainder). I won‘t shoot without them.“

Jürgen Jürges
Julio Macat, ASC
– Home Alone I – III
– The Nutty Professor
– Wedding Crashers

„We were trying to create several hot spots on a table in a conference room with a very low ceiling that would up light and light the actors. I was really impressed by the amount of light the dedolights put out and the quality was… wonderful.“

Julio Macat
Tom Stern, DoP
– Mystic River
– Million Dollar Baby
– The Exorcism of Emily Rose
– Letters from Iwo Jima

„Every rose in ‚American Beauty‘ was lit with a dedolight. We would have been lost without it.“

Tom Stern
Dante Spinotti, AIC, ASC
– Heat
– The Insider
– Red Dragon
– Pinocchio
– X-Men: The Last Stand
– The Tourist

„The fact that I could easily control the light with the dimmer and the beam with the barn doors…made that light priceless.“

Dante Spinotti
Steven Poster, ASC
– Stuart Little I – II
– Donnie Darko
– Daddy Day

„On ‘Donnie Darko’ I used it to simulate a projector in a movie theatre.“

Steven Poster
Russell Carpenter, ASC
– Titanic
– Charlie‘s Angels I – II
– True Lies
– 21

„The dedolight 400DT is the missing link in my lighting arsenal.“

Russel Carpenter
Duncan Brown, DoP
– You Rang My Lord
– Tales from Hollywood
– The Maitlands

„It cuts like a rapier in a swath of soft light.“

Duncan Brown
Roy Wagner, ASC
– CSI: Crime Scene Investigation
– Drop Zone

„It‘s like working with an instrument…like a musical instrument. It‘s a wonderful painter‘s brush that‘s not just one type of brush. It‘s a multi valuable tool.“

Roy Wagner