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Product and Portrait Photography

dedolights are often used in portrait photography to create a „Hollywood“ style of portrait lighting. Direct, soft, gentle and moody styles may be achieved.

dedolights are indispensable for product photography. The classic dedolight as well as the Series 400, in conjunction with the imager (projection attachment) allow the creation of the finest, most precise, highly tuned accents, which cannot easily be recreated in Photoshop. On a high class product shot you may easily find twelve to fifteen dedolights to highlight details, create subtle reflexes and convey the feeling of structures and plasticity. Some photographers go beyond the classic product approach and use the creative potential of the dedolight to make lights a visible part of the image composition.

Marek Czarnecki, Photographer

Awarded the British OSKAR statuette in the category of Advertising and Illustrative Photography

„The creative possibilities of the dedolights have changed my approach to photography. I have discovered a new world of images and the creative tools that I now possess have become a challenge for my future work.“

Marek Czarnecki

Car photography is usually done with huge soft light sources. It‘s a remarkable exception when some of the most successful car photography is done with a multitude of dedolights, painting details and reflexes one by one.

Taly Noy, Photographer

East Side Studios, England, Car Photography

„This lighting system offers almost surgical precision to the professional photographer, eliminating time wasting trials and imbalance of light, whatever the subject.“

Taly Noy

Illuminating the delicate shapes of a sculpture or lighting an oil painting, one could easily choose the traditional approach of cross lighting with conventional sources thus losing the charm of the surfaces structure. dedolight allows an unbalanced lighting approach, making the structures of a painting visible, whilst giving subtle modeling to the surface and totally evening out differences of exposure when used with the new dedolight graduated grey filters.

Charles Masters, Photographer

„I used dedolights to obtain a superb result in achieving a very controlled mood of mysticism.“

Charles Masters

Ahmet Ertug, Photographer

„I used dedolights to obtain a superb result in achieving a very controlled mood of mysticism.“

Ahmet Ertug