.     CMOS Advantage
.     Color Rendering
.     DC Advantage

.     Two Faces of Light
.     dedolight® Technology
The Optical System
Low Voltage Lamps
.          The Lenses
The Mechanics
UV Radiation
The Imager Projection Attachment
LED Breakthrough
Introducing of focusing dedolight LED Fixtures

The Lenses

Four years of optical research and development led us to further improvements in professional lighting. The resulting patent introduces a relation computed double Aspherics² system.

This development offers solutions to two problems:

Light distribution:Traditional studio lights show light distribution with hot spots or in some focusing positions „hot shoulders“ (brighter rims with darker centers).

The dedolight double Aspherics² system offers edge – to – edge, perfectly even and smooth light istribution in all focus positions that is even cleaner than the previous generations of dedolight models.

The Lenses - 1

Light distribution of a traditional source Light distribution of a double Aspherics² dedolight
Color distribution:Discharge lamps do not have homogenous color properties, which often lead to bluish rims in some focus positions.
Our patented double Aspherics2 system provides significant improvement in the color distribution across the entire lit field.
The Lenses - 2

Color distribution of a traditional source Color distribution of a double Aspherics² dedolight