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Introducing of focusing dedolight LED Fixtures

The Imager Projection Attachment

The Imager Projection Attachment

Building highly perfected optics for dedolight light heads, allowed us to design imaging attachments with matching optics for unprecedented precision, quality of image and light/shadow shapes.

  • High light efficiency due to matched optics
  • Perfect contrast rendition
  • Very low distortion
  • No color fringing (as displayed by practically every traditional profiler/ellipsoidal)
For the Series 400 we have designed several unique projection lenses which provide extreme light transmission and remarkable qualities.

  • Wide variety of accessories:
    • Framing shutters
    • Iris
    • Gobo holder (steel and glass)
    • Slide projection with heat reducing filter and forced air cooling
    • Optional image plane adjustment to correct focus shifts in off axis projections
    • Gobo rotator

dedolight heads and Imager projection attachments are designed with a matching optical system to optimize light output and distribution. Our Imagers are occasionally used on light heads of other manufacturers. Although possible, efficiency and image quality will be drastically reduced.