.     CMOS Advantage
.     Color Rendering
.     DC Advantage

.     Two Faces of Light
.     dedolight® Technology
The Optical System
Low Voltage Lamps
The Lenses
The Mechanics
UV Radiation
The Imager Projection Attachment
LED Breakthrough
.     Introducing of focusing dedolight LED Fixtures

Introducing our complete range of Focusing dedolight LED Fixtures

5 different sizes:
They all share common properties.

  • State – of – the – art light source with features exclusively developed by dedolight and highest dedocolor® quality
  • dedolight patented aspherical optics
  • Providing astoundingly high efficiency
  • Unprecedented focusing range (wider/tighter)
  • dedolight clean beam concept. Controlled precision beam with no stray light outside and perfectly even light distribution within the beam
  • DLED2.1 and DLED4.1 provide excellent color in tungsten, daylight and bicolor versions.
  • The unique DLED9.1 and DLED12.1 were designed for studio application (daylight and tungsten), but will also work ideally for mobile, scenic production.
  • With the exception of the DLED12.1, all our focusing LED fixtures work with effective passive cooling, without fans.
  • Complete light-shaping control
    • Precise barn door shadows.
    • Scrims
    • Graduated gray filters
    • Aspherical wide – angle attachments with rotating barn door leaves
  • dedolight imager – projection attachments for:
    • Light framing
    • Soft edge light framing with eye filters
    • Gobo projection
    • Background effect projection
    • Slide projectionDigita

The DLED4.1 is available as both a mobile and studio version. The studio version also features DMX control.

For mobile work, the bicolor version is continuously tunable from tungsten to daylight and adaptable to various ambient light conditions. Also useful in combination with our bicolor FELLONI panel lights.

The DLED4.1 and DLED9.1 are also available with DMX controls.

The DLED12.1 comes with DMX controls as standard.

Our on-board Ledzilla is our smallest and one of our best selling LED lights.