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dedolights have also found their place in documentary applications. Versatile, compact, rugged, lightweight multi – fixture packages with several power options allow a highly differentiated way of lighting. Super quick setups under short time constraints as well as wonderful nuances of subtle lighting have left the dedolight mark on these applications.

Duri Mayer, Cameraman
– Icewalk – Adventure North Pole
– Sturmflut

„In ‚Project Icesail‘, three dedolights were affixed to the masthead of a sailing ship, mounted in March and derigged in September. The two 150 W dedolights still functioned on the very last day and we never had to change a bulb. Compliments!“

Duri Mayer
Tom Zannes, Cameraman †
– Descent Into the Black Hole
– Marathon of the Sands
– National Geographic

„We found formations that were in distant hard to reach areas of the cave that we couldn‘t put light in with a normal unit. We had to shoot everything with batteries so we had to be very efficient. The dedolight really increased our capabilities in the cave.“

Tom Zannes